Friday, 6 July 2012

July linksplosion!

My goodness, July already? o.O How time flies...

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From around the blogosphere:
  1. I really enjoyed this interview from one of my favourite bloggers, Dani Deathbiscuit, quizzing another of my favourite bloggers, Cherish. Lovely!
  2. Of course I have another post to feature from Darling Violetta, on the subject of pastel Goth and hipster Goth. Whilst I don't appreciate Goth culture being exploited as a trend, it's generally the retailers and the media that do so, not the people (who, like us, would probably just like to get on with liking what they like), and I agree with Violetta wholeheartedly that there's no reason to be mean or rude to them because of it. (I do have a snippy post I wrote on the subject after reading a few examples of 'hipster' Goths insulting other Goths for not being 'real Goths' - are you still with me? - but I strongly feel that some of the nasty images circulating (such as the one with the deathrocker punching down the nu-Goth) are hugely childish and unneccessary, as well as detrimental to the culture as a whole since so many of us like to boast about how tolerant we are - as Violetta points out.) The comments on her post are thoughtful and interesting too.
  3. The beautiful VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir has a brilliant tutorial on creating the perfect eyebrow shape.
  4. It's an older post, but Mary Rose at The Everyday Goth has some interesting views on Emilie Autumn.
  5. Dismantlynn of Color Me Goth takes a stance against music snobbery.
  6. I loved this 'you might be Goth if...' list from the Gothic Tea Society.
  7. The ever-fabulous Lady Bethezda has a gorgeous Siouxsie-inspired make-up tutorial.
This month's Etsy picks:
  1. So I was looking for a new hairbrush to keep in my handbag... how about an Invader Zim Gir brush from TurnedOutAwesome?
  2. What a lovely birthday card... from ImmortalVisions.
  3. I love this Crow T-shirt/minidress from r3vamp!
  4. This blue and black throw with skulls looks super snuggly... the stylish darkling's alternative to a slanket perhaps? From LaSirenaCouture.
  5. If you're really big on skull print, how about some crutch covers, adding a flair of spooky style to the most practical of items? By myscap.
  6. I think this zombie Bettie hairclip in red and white gingham is really cute. From FlyGirlVintage.
  7. I like these skull stud earrings from Louisespokes so much because they're a little different.
  8. HOW darn cute is this Jack O'Lantern pendant from cellsdividing? D'awwww!
  9. I love the idea of this Goth girl box and pendant from Strange Skin Art. What a lovely gift it would make.
  10. Those of you with a whimsical nature might appreciate this adorable rainy day Kawaii Cloud laser cut necklace by EssemDesign.
And this month's inspirations from Tumblr:
  1. This is a fantastic outfit! I especially love the skirt and the details on the jacket. (via gothfashion)
  2. This gentleman looks stunning! I am now contemplating getting a tattoo on the shaved section of my head. ;-) (via gothfashion)
  3. I can't put my finger on what it is I love most about this. Possibly the tattoos, or that beautiful hair colour. (via Mary P Sue)
  4. I adore this whole ensemble, although surely those bones in the tights would make it uncomfortable to walk. (via Strange and Beautiful)
  5. If England ever has a summer this year, I'd hope to be rocking a bikini like these gorgeous ladies. (via vampire-bride)
  6. I think this photo is absolutely stunning. It makes me miss my black hair! (via happyun-birthday)
  7. There's nothing wrong with a good cliche or two, especially when well-executed. (via gothicle)
  8. I kind of wish I could go swishing about in enormous skirts every day. (via gothicgirlie)
  9. Obligatory well-dressed couple! I love his ensemble especially. (via gothicgirlie)
  10. Elegance and decadence personified. Wow! (via nuclearstar)
  11. Nothing is better than a fancy hat. (via corsets)
  12. I find it difficult to express the depth of my love for backcombed pigtails. (via Princess Chaos)
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Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

Thank you for the linky! <3

Pamdabear said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my store "Strange Skin", in your blog! I really appreciate that you would include us! I just found your blog today. You put great stuff on here, and I will now be a follower for sure! Thanks again, and happy haunting! :0)

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