Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Reviews: Karma perfume, SmartBlonde and more

Claire's Club Blackberry Lip Balm

Yes, yes, this is a product aimed at children. It was (still is, actually) £1 in the sale and I bought it on a whim because I love, love, love, flavoured lip balms and needed another for my immense collection. I didn't realise it was tinted! I was very impressed with it - it leaves a subtle blue-black sheen and because it's a balm isn't sticky and doesn't feel heavy or drying. For £1 a pop I went back and bought another three.

Manic Panic Amplified Colour in Electric Lizard

I've tried several Manic Panic colours now, and while this green has shown up the best on my currently un-pre-lightened hair, it unfortunately has fairly rubbish staying power and tends to last two washes at most. Indoors it's a fairly subtle colour but in sunlight, especially just after application, it's a very vivid grass green.

Like other Manic Panic dyes it's supposed to be applied with a highlighting brush but I find it difficult to get all-over colour that way so I tend to grab it in my gloved hands (it's gloopy rather than liquid) and slop it on straight out of the pot.

SmartBlonde Platinum Blonde Toner

I am slowly learning never to believe the claims a product makes on the box. I used this product following removal of the most recent coat of black dye from my hair, leaving my hair a dark reddish colour:
The packaging claimed that it would only take a single application to turn even the darkest hair a pale blonde and would not damage my hair, but in actual fact it took four applications (and yes, that means I had to buy four boxes). And of course, that much bleaching is going to damage anyone's hair - after the final application (spaced out over a couple of weeks) my hair was extremely dry and brittle and some of it snapped off. :-/
After the first application... as you can see a slightly patchy result, but definitely lighter.

After the second application... much lighter! Still in reasonably good condition and soft to touch, not brittle.

Following the third and fourth applications... voila, blonde was achieved. (Excuse please untidy fringe...)

Overall I was quite pleased with the product - I was asking a lot from it, after all I had been dyeing my hair black for the previous six years. It was easy enough to use, and although I felt it was quite expensive I couldn't find another product that would do the same job in less time or with less damage.

Karma Atomiser by Gorilla Perfume at Lush

This is a wonderfully unusual, strong citrus and patchouli fragrance that lingers all day... not for the faint-hearted as it's very different from the usual sweet, floral scents. It's apparently inspired by headshops and the music of Massive Attack, and it certainly turns heads - I often get people asking where they can get my perfume. :-D

The shop assistant told me that because it's high in essential oils, a little spritz goes a long way, and she was right. A drop on the neck and wrists is enough for you to be surrounded by orange and pine until well into the wee small hours, so I've found it well worth the price.

Also available as a solid perfume or spritzer, but each formulation has a slightly different scent. The atomiser is the most expensive at £20 but contains the highest concentration of essential oils.


Meeow said...

Oh yes - thumbs up for Gorilla perfumes!!!
I love Karma too - I have a few Gorilla Perfumes from lush at home - I also adore "Love" and "Vanillary" ... and I think I have to buy "B-Scent" as soon as I have the money ^^

Skarlett said...

Thank you so much for the review of Karma. I have often wondered what it smelled like as Lush gets a little wordy in their descriptions sometimes!

Emilia said...

About the dye, your Electric Lizard is probably not lasting because of your base colour. If you're able to bleach it to yellow-y blonde, it will look nicer and last longer. Also, Manic Panic is not the best dye in general and quite expensive. However, a dark purple, dark teal or dark blue might work nicely on your hair as it is right now.

linnea-maria said...

Karma is my absolutely favourite perfume! I can warmly recommend it for those who love spicy but not heavy scents. The bonus is that it matches my boyfriends perfume (wood by dsquared and the ones I bought for him at scodioli) :)

Amy Asphodel said...

Emilia - I'm giving my hair a few months off from bleaching after the snapping-off incident >.< A dark blue or teal would make an interesting change :-)

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