Friday, 6 July 2012

Summer footwear for Goths, part 2

Platform shoes
If you're devoted to your Demonias and can't imagine life without that extra four inches of height, don't despair. I'm sure most of us have a pair of platform heels for evening tucked in the backs of our closets, but there are plenty of chunky shoes available if your day job prefers you don't dress like a domina. ;-) (FYI: there's nothing wrong with that.)

Personally, I have these babies in black.

Shoes like this are generally cheaper than boots - they're also not as stifling for your feet and lower legs, and easier to walk about in than heels. Try Demonia or Sella for this sort of style.

Ballet flats
Probably the cheapest and most widely available option for Goths on a budget, and possibly also the most parent-friendly option for younger Goths. Of course, many Goth footwear brands have produced their own ranges of ballet pumps for the darkly inclined, but you can also pick up simple styles suitable for a Goth wardrobe from most shops on your local high street. Black glitter, studded, spiked, lacy, pointed or with bows are ALL styles I've seen everywhere from ShoeZone and Peacocks to Topshop and River Island, so there's something available for every taste and budget.

If you've got your heart set on a more specifically Gothy style, you can get bat buckles, skulls,
even bullets! My favourite pair of flats, however, are handmade by Em and Sprout on Etsy, and look like this:

Creepers, aka brothel creepers, have of course become majorly trendy of late. But they were popular in the Goth, punk and rockabilly subcultures long before they became co-opted by the mainstream, and are now available pretty much everywhere. (Although I'd rather not buy mine from Urban Outfitters... just on principle.)

Underground England do a variety of styles of creeper, including ones with wedge heels or a triple-stacked platform. There's also a sizeable range at Dark Kitten.

Tea Party Shoes
The whimsically-named tea party shoe is predominantly a Lolita accessory, but since these delicate, highly decorated styles are also available in black, make ideal summer wear for the fashion-conscious girly-Goth. Of course, depending on your style, you could mix it up with white, pink or red tea party shoes instead.
The above are available from Clobbaonline, but a variety of designs are available from Qutieland. It's also worth trying eBay.

Shoes and Evening Wear
If you're out and about in the evenings, fear not. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of pairs of shoe that are suitable for the Goth club without reducing your feet to red, sweaty stumps. Something like the below picture would be suitable for day or evening.
Attitude Clothing has a great range of heeled shoes that would be great for elegant daytime wear or an evening soiree.


Bazinga. said...

Oh my, those shoes are all wonderful :3 I would really love to have a pair of creepers of my own someday, but they've become extremely popular as of late, which makes me quite hesitant to get a pair of my own. For the last couple of weeks I've been saving up money to buy Demonia Trashville boots. Those are totally not suitable for summer wear of course, but I just couldn't resist temptation any longer XD

Julia Sunderland said...

Some good ideas there. I always struggle with shoes in summer cos I have in ingrained reluctance to wear ballet pumps, probably because as a kid I hated ballet so I subconciously feel they make me look too girly. I end up traipsing around in heavy boots everywhere cos heat in england is such a shock and I'm not prepared for it lol

Julia x

Carousel Secrets

Mack-Attack said...

I love the Tea Party Shoes. So cute! :)

AsylumAlice said...

Hi Amy! This is sort of random but I suppose ties in with fashion choices. Could you please do a post about how to remove makeup without hurting the skin? I've only just started wearing makeup and I have very sensitive skin. I have trouble removing mascara and eyeliner especially without irritating my eyes. Thanks!

Goth Mary Poppins said...

Nice, but in my opinion they are more suitable for spring/autumn.

Maybe for english summer they are OK. ^^

Rainy said...

Hey Amy, I have a question about Demonia shoes. I am getting a pair for my birthday, but I am a size 7.5 US and they only offer full sizes. Should I size up or down with Demonia? Thanks in advance!

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