Friday, 10 August 2012

August linksplosion!

Gosh, the time is really rushing by this year. Another month already! Well, without further ado, seven fantastic posts from around the bloggerverse:

  1. Halloween is Over: Things to Do. This is an old post from The Everyday Goth, but it reminds those of us who like to have a sprinkling of the morbid and the macabre in our lives at all times that Halloween really can be every day. ;-)
  2. It's Easy to be Goth In... Part 2. Gothic Divine Magazine ran a series of posts about having a dark aesthetic and lifestyle in different countries around the world. This one features reader comments, which are interesting.
  3. Victorian Picnic 9/4. Xanthy of My Life as a Fairy Princess reviews an event she attended in Bruges back in April. I love the sentence, "Some people had clearly decided dresscodes are something that happens to other people."
  4. Tan Skin in the Goth Scene. Darling Violetta, perhaps my very favourite blogger, discusses a prevalent aesthetic in the Goth and dark alternative subcultures and whether or not it can be potentially damaging.
  5. Cultural Appropriation, Eclecticism and Subcultures. Domesticated presents another big issue in her usual practical, sensible way; certainly food for thought.
  6. Thoughts: Gothic, pastel, crosses and more of that. The stunning Sheridan presents her thoughts on the new 'goff' trends, pastel Goth and nu-Goth, and points out that deviating from the Goth 'uniform' doesn't change who you are.
  7. Skull Sugar Cube Tutorial. At Early Autopsy and White Scissors, Eva Morgan Reeve shows an ever-so-simple way to make your own skull sugar cubes - perfect for tea parties.
Picture of Vampira (I think...) is absolutely necessary.

Ten lust-haves from Etsy:
  1. These stitched-up psychobilly heels would look gorgeous on any zombie pin-up and are on sale at the moment. From PinUpInPink.
  2. Ever feel like you're being watched? This eyeballs-in-a-jar necklace is creepy, morbid and yet somehow... cute. From UraniaArt.
  3. I must get some of these adorable pink and black skully bow shoe clips to glam up my plain black sandals for my holiday next year. From lovekillsboutique.
  4. This 'Cursed' necklace is in a style that seems popular at the moment, but still manages to be a little different from all the 'Vamp' and 'Zombie' necklaces that are currently abounding. From nitroghoul.
  5. Let's face it, you probably need these 'Evil Genius' earrings in your life. Especially if you are a scientist. DO IT. From TheRobotPrincess.
  6. For a little punk attitude, grab a Bauhaus butt flap. From TheBatsWing.
  7. If your DIY jacket is missing a little something, it might be this Beetlejuice back patch. I love it! From Oioipatchcompany.
  8. Ohmigod. This bat wing bow is just about frickin' perfect. NEED. From DelightfullyDeviant.
  9. I think this beautiful coffin-shaped shadow box is just the perfect gift for the dark at heart. Swoon-worthy in the extreme. From Ah, The Macabre.
  10. These Pippi leggings are cute, fun, and different. From CarouselInk.
And twelve inspiring looks from the wilderness of Tumblr:
  1. I can't decide if I love the stockings, the hair, or those socks with those shoes more in this ensemble... (Via artdrawnbyvomit.)
  2. Simple, cute and cosy! Love this. (via morbidfashion.)
  3. I love all the many, many details of this ensemble, and of course the colour scheme. (via lolitaproblems.)
  4. Wednesday Mourning always looks gorgeous, but I especially admire her hair here. (via bonesy-dekay.)
  5. I think my favourite thing about this is the red roses on the boots of the girl on the left. (via lolitaproblems.)
  6. Purple tights and a beautiful hairstyle. This is gorgeous. (via lolitaproblems.)
  7. There's something very sleek and stylish about this - I can't decide if it's the hair, the make-up or the sharp blazer that does it for me. (via lucifernyx.)
  8. Everything about this photo is utterly perfect. Enough said? (via dieselsteamgypsy.)
  9. Let's not completely neglect the gentlemen! This guy looks stunning. (via neurotica.)
  10. I think this is my favourite picture of the month. Girl on the right, can I just be you? (via psychobillymassacre.)
  11. Here's another dashing gent, showing how lace gloves should be worn by the male species. (via gothsandpunks.)
  12. This hair and make-up is so utterly beautiful I could just die. (via gothiccutie.)


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I love the picture section of these monthly posts - I derive so much inspiration from them! XD

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