Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to dress for the Olympics

xxxx little darkling xxxx asked, "Any ideas for wearing Gothy but team gb supportive stuff? I'm seeing the Olympics and have weaseled my way out of wearing an Olympic theme t shirt but am still being pestered on what I an wearing. And I don't feel right being 'nongoth' for a day."

I'm aware that because of my lack of regular blogging lately, the Olympics are indeed almost over. But, as someone who didn't expect to be interested in the London 2012 Games, I have so far thoroughly enjoyed watching the sports on Monday nights with my dad and on various other nights at the pub with my friends (how much this has to do with Bradley Wiggins's sideburns is irrelevant, I tell you...). Therefore, I thought I would do my best to answer Little Darkling's query whilst we still have a little bit of time left!

(A note: this post is likely to be geared towards Team GB supporters, as, yup, I live in England. Obviously, if you live in another country and would like to support your team, just adapt any suggestions to include your own team colours!)

I know a guy who bleached his hair and dyed one side red (although it came out pink, but points for effort) and the other blue; you could possibly add some clip-in streaks in the team colours which are widely available from almost all shops and supermarkets in the UK right now, as well as themed nail varnishes and wristbands. SmartBeauty also do red and blue highlighting kits which work on even the darkest hair (I can confirm this as I once successfully used the red kit on dyed black hair).

How about a mini top hat, either Union Flag-patterned or in one of the team colours (as I have seen in Tesco or at the British Heart Foundation)? Alternatively, you could stock up on hair flowers in red, white and blue and adorn your 'do with them.

If you like to be flamboyant with your make-up, you could add blue coloured mascara to your typical eye make-up look and finish off with red lipstick (or of course vice versa, if you wanted to be even more dramatic!).

If you are the kind who often matches your fashion to the occasion, you might have some red and white stockings and/or hair bows left over from Christmas ;-). This would be a good time to dig them out! Any red shoes you may own (or shoes with red detailing) may also be due an airing, and I'd be surprised if there are many Gothically-inclined girls who don't own any items without a dash of red, be it a skirt trimmed in red lace or a red ribbon-threaded pair of arm warmers.

Red fishnets? (Or, of course, blue ones?) Opaque tights are coming into the stores right now, so you could wear red or blue, or buy a pair of each, rip the hell out of them and wear them layered over each other.

The crown accessories commonly seen in Gothic Lolita fashion could add a nod to the monarchy; of course, crown earrings and necklaces have been filling up the shelves in UK shops since the Jubilee so if you don't already own a mini crown or crown-shaped handbag, no need to fret.

Oh look, I finally got my own Polyvore account...

Team GB for the Darkly Inclined


Jayne Marquand said...

It's pretty sweet being from New Zealand, our national colours are black and white. :D I just draw some white ferns on my face if I want to be extra patriotic :P

Amy Asphodel said...

Heheh, that's pretty handy! :-D

Anonymous said...

I would just wear a shirt with the appropriate flag, or an Olympic themed shirt, and have the rest of my outfit *extra* goth. The shirt can even be modified. As a joke, once, I wore a New Kids On The Block t-shirt (black w/ blue writing), a black mini, blue fishnets, Docs, and ├╝ber-goth makeup. My BFF was into NKOTB at the time, and dared me to wear the shirt. It was so ironic, noone knew what to say.

Becci F.S said...

I have currently painted my nails with union flags, but if I want to seem very patriotic, I wear my black top with a union flag behind a bulldog, very punky. Perhaps something like this would be appropriate.

xxxx little darkling xxxx said...

Thanks! I ended up in red jeans, black/white striped top and stompy boots! Yay stompy boots! Yes, I wore blue socks. I brought an umbrella, just in case it rained. It was burning hot. So, my frilly rose patterned black umbrella was used as a lovely parasol, which did add to my alternative look. But, even parasols cannot stop the painful yellow hot thing in the sky burning my face.

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