Saturday, 18 August 2012

My essential beauty products

Day-to-day life has a certain amount of hazards for the well-groomed (ish) spooky girl. Whilst I have never achieved the grooming standards of, say, Adora BatBrat, I have, through trial and error, found a bunch of products that help me maintain a modicum of style with minimum fuss. These are the products I carry everywhere I go and would hate to be caught without.

1. TresEmme Freeze Hold hairspray.
OK, so it comes in a damn huge can and it's really not practical for travel, but I haven't yet found another spray that holds like this does. I don't know what my fringe would look like at the end of a working day without it and I'd rather not find out.

2. Facial blotting papers.
Any brand, I'm not fussy. Gets rid of shine without that powdered-corpse build-up of make-up on the T-zone.

3. Nail strengthener.
I'm partial to Sally Hansen's, personally. Maintaining stiletto nails (all the better for elaborate nail art) doesn't come easy in a manual job, so I slick on a coat of nail strengthener every night to help my talons stop flaking and breaking.

If you want nails like these, look after your talons!
4. Lush's Goth Juice hair gel.
Recently discontinued in the UK (as far as I'm aware), but I had a fresh tub sent to me by Kitty Lovett. This keeps my fringe tamed, despite the fact I sleep on my face, smells lovely, and a little goes a long way. Can anyone recommend a replacement product?

5. Nivea Soft moisturiser.
For hands, face and body - I find it too heavy on the face but really softening for my hands.

6. A flavoured lip balm.
I'm addicted to lip balms! It's pretty sad but I collect dozens in different flavours. In my handbag right now I have absinthe, sugar cookie, blackberry (tinted purple) and raspberry. I tend to use heavy lip stains that last all day so without balm my lips can often feel dry.

What products would you recommend unreservedly? What items couldn't you live without?


Becci F.S said...

I'm sorry to break it to you, but nail strengthener can really damage your nails. I can't live without my nail varnish. I never leave the house without my nails painted.

akumaxkami said...

Aerosol Hairspray

Purple Lipstick

Cream Eyeliner

A crimper/straightener

Lip balm

Anonymous said...

Have you tried the TreSemme in a non-aeresol can? It can easily be transferred to a smaller bottle, if it works for you. Or, you can try spraying the aeresol can into a small travel bottle. Try Sally Hansen Triple Strong-amazing stuff (and it keeps nail color looking fresh). Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is the most incredible lip balm *ever*. It's a bit pricy, but as someone who normally has to reapply lip balm every hour, with this, I reapply no more than 3-4 times a day, and I live in SoCal, and it gets hot here. As for the fringe, I'm personally a fan of bees wax, but again, I live in a warmer climate, and I don't know how the cooler air would affect it. Maybe you can try ebay or Amazon to try to track down the Lush gel (sometimes, stores just want to clear their warehouses of DCd items, and you may even find a great price); you can also try contacting Lush directly, as they may have a few left, but cleared them off the site.

OddGhoulOut said...

I can't go without my Urban Decay eye primer. It's so hot where I live, it's a must if I don't want my make-up to crease and melt.

Anonymous said...

Generic sunscreen.
I'm super sensitive about my skin - I want it to look young and be healthy forever! XD

K said...

Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in twilight. You can build up the colour from just a slight hint to a beautiful dark berry colour. It comes with some lip balm for over the top too!
I absolutely loathe the feeling of lipstick so lip stain in general is a godsend for me.

Lily Lolo mineral foundation in porcelain. Great coverage (something that seems hard to find with mineral foundations), blends perfectly with my absurdly pale skin and no hint of orangeness, vegan friendly, a 50g tub lasts ages (I got my last one in May and it's still about 3 quarters full despite using it every day) AND it has SPF in it. Amazing stuff!

Tenebris In Lux said...

Hmmm, I actually don't use any of those products. But I do use a lip balm -- very strong peppermint. It's a lovely dark plum color. Went to a coffee shop and while the lip of the cup was a dark plum color like the balm it didn't smear or rub away what-so-ever when I looked in the mirror. It's made by Burt's Bees by the way, not sure if you have their products in the UK.

The TresEmme Freeze Hold hairspray intrigues me. I use Got2Be's Glued Blasting Freeze Spray and I love it! Doesn't look overly flaky like I thought and I love how it'll also cement your hair for extra strength hold. I also use their gel.

Wow, I feel like a spammer for praising those products. bahaha.

ZeroNovember said...

Sunscreen. A million times sunscreen. Even in winter! If I'm going outside, it goes on.

I like superdrug's cocoa butter day and night creams (my skin gets dry from acne lotion - yikes)

Benefit's eyecon hides the dark circles pretty well. I use one of their eye sets to draw in my eyebrows.

The new beauty boosting creams around are pretty amazing (I got a garnier one I think) It's sort of like a very light foundation with glowy stuff.

Revlon black eyelash glue. No more white glue blobs (you can hide the black in with the eyeliner after)

Fake eyelashes; individual ones for casual times, full sets for going out.

My perfume is Ghost Night (cute dark purple crescent moon bottle)

If I'm out and about I take a small make up kit with miniatures or the smaller products in. Other beauty things I cart about in my massive handbag include baby wipes, vasaline, nappy cream, nail files, spare body jewellery and hand sanitiser.

Oana Olea said...

Micellar solution is the best thing ever invented. especially if you have sensitive skin. Loth of companied make them - Bioderma, Vichy, Laroche-Posay... Where did you find absinth-flavored lip balm? I can never find intersting ones - so far my most unusual is a chocolate and mint one from Palmer's.

Amy Asphodel said...

Becci - Really? Ah, that sucks. :-/ Thanks for the heads-up!

Anon - Good ideas! And thanks for the lip balm tip, I'm very intrigued. I hear Burt's Bees lip balms are good also; they do a nice purple-y pomegranate flavour.

OddGhoulOut - Oh yeah, I forgot about my eye primer. I use a mineral one called Bloom but have heard good things about the Urban Decay one.

K - I have the Revlon Lip Stain in *ahem* Gothic...

Zero November - black eyelash glue? Oh, I am gonna be all over that shizzle...

Oana Olea - Online... I think it was at ;-)

Anonymous said...

Loreal kohl eyeliner, scandal eyes mascara, rimmel matte 001 transparent powder, original source shower gel {mint and tea tree flavour} Olay beauty fluid moisturizer, sudocreme {for spots}, loccitane green tea eau de toillette. great post as always!

Amy Asphodel said...

Thanks Anon :-) heheh, I also use sudocrem ;-D

darklygeeky said...

my black eyeliner (I buy whatever's cheapest)

Bare Escentuals Multitasking Bisque (my go-to powder for everything)

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Plum (I know someone mentioned this already. It's just such a great color!)

Neutrogena Sunblock (my one splurge item)

Hatsune Miku said...

Somehow it seems so terribly goth to have an absinthe flavour lip balm lolz

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