Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Power dressing for the dark at heart

I have mentioned before that after hitting the big (okay, not THAT big) 2-0, I started to overhaul my wardrobe and began to feel that many of my staple wardrobe items - tutus, for example, and yes, my formerly much-adored bondage pants - were perhaps better suited to someone younger. Lately I've taken on more responsibility at work and have been enjoying nights out with friends a bit more, and I've found my wardrobe beginning to change to suit a more 'adult' lifestyle.

Eek! Don't panic! I haven't consigned my stripy socks to the charity shop or thrown away all my frilly skirts - goodness, no! But I have been indulging in a spot of what I suppose could be considered power dressing this last couple of days (sadly, no pics yet, although I do still have some outfit posts waiting to be uploaded from the last few weeks) and it's been an interesting experience to feel a bit more grown-up and glamorous.

Untitled #52

I've discovered that whilst I love the darker side of fashion especially (and just an FYI for those of you who don't pay much attention to the mainstream fashion media, there are some deliciously dark delights coming up on the autumn/winter catwalks), there are times when I'd like to feel a little more... sophisticated (ha!) than I usually do in, say, a skull print T-shirt and skirt with dangling chains. At work, I'm starting to feel I can be taken more seriously if I put on a wrap dress (black, duh) and a pair of smart heels, even if my hair is blue and I have skully earrings on.

I've posted about grown-up fashion for the Gothically-inclined before, so I won't rehash my lists of links that have been helpful for modifying a more elegant, corporate wardrobe, but I wanted to share some inspiration and tips - and hopefully some of you darkling types in the world of work will have some advice that you can share also. :-)
    NY ...

  • Confidence is key to any personal style, and whilst self-esteem comes from within I find it never hurts to bolster it with good undies. Yes, I'm serious. If your whites are grey, you buy multipack briefs from the supermarket, you've never had a bra fitting and you still wear the same panties you wore in school, it's probably time for an overhaul. Practical and comfortable may be a good place to start, but demand more from your underpinnings. Try a site like What Katie Did; you may be surprised how much more confident and feminine a nice set of undies can make you feel.
  • If, like me, you feel a sense of rising panic when you confront your wardrobe, it may be worth taking some advice from the experts. Books on basic style (colours, shapes, dressing to suit your body shape etc.) are now so prolific that they can be found in most charity shops for a couple of quid - although, do try to find something recent-ish! Goths, of course, can discount most advice regarding the colour black, but it is possible to glean a modicum of sensible tips to help you be sure that what you're wearing suits YOU.
  • Glamour has a lot to do with grooming. A defined brow and a sleek up-do are far from being 'un-Goth' but such a style will also speak volumes about you.
  • The right accessories can glam up a Goth gown or Goth up a simple, stylish dress. Therefore, stock up!
My inspirations for the look I'm currently trying to achieve are:


Kaitlyn Brandt said...

I love that type of goth(It kind of reminds me of Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl, but in the first season)

Madame Mari Mortem said...

It's always nice when you open up your doors and let the fashion transition begin =)

And it can be intimidating! But so far it sounds as though you have a good handle on it.

Insomniac's Attic said...

Wouldn't it be lovely to actually be able to afford  a piece from Alexander McQueen? Although if it were only one piece, how would you decide which one? :o)

Lori Obscure said...

Dressing for your body shape is so important, glad your mentioned it!
I was in high school in the mid-90s and wore those long, shapeless bondage skirts that were sold at Hot Topic almost everyday. not a good look for me LOL

Goth Mary Poppins said...

We head to the same place, from different directions, I've just decided to sort out the old clothes, and buy more unique and less "boring grownup" ones.

I have a mail waiting to be sent to you, my address is my blog name @


Nightwind said...

I'm certainly not going to give you any fashion advice Amy, but I think your taking on a somewhat more adult fashion sense is a very positive thing. As a person matures he or she deserves to be taken more seriously, simply because that individual has been around and has gained some wisdom. How then, can such a person not want to dress in a way that attracts more due respect? It's just a natural process.

You may very well remain Goth or alternative throughout your life, but there's nothing wrong with evolving into maturity. Your fashion choices can both reflect the adult who wants to be taken seriously and your links to alternative culture. Most importantly, you get to be the artist.

gin said...

Something that is always best to consider is fit. Make sure items aren't too tight but aren't too big. Also, figure out what shapes and cuts work for your body. doing this can help you build a classic wardrobe that, unless you change size, you can keep for quite some time. Another thing to look into is accessories. One can have on a compelte plain black outfit, but with the right brooch or necklace, the entire outfit comes together. Shoes can also be the statement of the outfit, so don't be afraid to plain your outfit around the item you want to make the most impact.

houston goth said...

That skeleton dress is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything Nightwind said. However, I feel you don't have to completely give up your bondage pants & tutus. Although not appropriate for work, there may be an occasion to wear them (if *you* want to). I'm all for "age-appropriate" wardrobes, but sometimes it's just fun to wear something you normally wouldn't. I'm nearly 40, and though I tend to wear skirts in a modest length, I'll pull out a short one (or a tutu) if I'm going to a club or event. I figure I've still got amazing legs, so I may as well show them while I still can!

Blake Martin said...

Exactly! This blog is so easy to relate too! I feel like my own fashion has changes so drastically now that I'm no longer a high school student! Career fashion I guess :}
Good advice!

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