Friday, 17 August 2012

Resolutions in Goth

I know it's not really the time of year for making resolutions, but to hell with tradition. I've been thinking lately about how to develop my style and bring my aesthetic closer to what I would really like it to be, and I came up with a set of resolutions that I think will help me. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. XD

1. Thou shalt wear more make-up.
I have a tendency to be very lazy with make-up and fall into a rut easily. I'd like to experiment more with heavier, more extravagant styles like some of my favourite Goth-y divas. I'm not afraid of my natural face but I just find more over-the-top make-up styles more striking - not to mention fun to try out.

I am not on my home computer so have only a few old snaps at my disposal. Here, have a picture of me eating an ice cream in a highly pretentious manner.

2. Thou shalt not get stuck in a hair rut.
The fashion experts say that us ladies should get a new hairstyle every six to nine months (if Trinny and Susannah say it, it MUST be true...). Whilst I am hoping to grow my hair verrrrry long and therefore this would not be practical for me, I'd like to experiment a bit more with different styles from day to day. Even something as simple as a ponytail makes a little bit of a difference.

3. Thou shalt always be occasion-appropriate.
I love that the versatility of alternative and dark fashion allows me to make adjustments so that I can hold down a job, attend weddings and look after children without losing my intrinsic 'me' style, but saying this is all very well and good if you often get stuck in an outfit rut of jeans and tees for weeks on end. Work clothes for work (spooky though they may be), jeans for lazy weekends, dammit...

4. Thou shalt shop sensibly.
Yes, it's black, but if you don't LOVE it, you probably won't wear it. And for goodness' sake, stop buying things to alter and customise until you work through the three binbags of clothing awaiting alterations that you already have... *facepalm*

5. Thou shalt make time to discover new music.
This one is obviously not fashion-related. Recently, I unexpectedly found myself at an indie music festival. I don't usually listen to much acoustic music or soft rock music in general but I really enjoyed some of the bands I heard and felt kinda stupid for previously assuming that I wouldn't like something because it didn't come under the 'dark' label. Therefore I intend to set aside time regularly to look for new bands and seek out new music, regardless of genre, and deliberately checking out things I wouldn't normally listen to. And of course, I will also be scoping out more bands amongst the assorted dark and alternative scenes, because I love them.

6. Thou shalt stop worrying about the judgements of others.
There are times, obviously, when it's either practical, polite, or simply safer to dress down. But don't get so bogged down in avoiding conflict that you don't make the most of opportunities to dress up. You only live once; do it stylishly.

7. Thou shalt not fear 'fat days'.
Your worth is not based on your dress size. Or your weight. Your upper thigh circumference. Your visible hipbones or lack thereof. Honest, it's not. Everyone has a right to feel good about themselves, NO MATTER how they look. Do your best not to deny yourself that right. There are much worse things in life than not having the 'right' body shape; try to accept and love yourself as you are as much as you can.

8. Thou shalt DIY more.
Because nothing beats that feeling of somebody complimenting the thingamajig you just made yourself.

Personal style is not a static thing; I look forward to sharing my progress with you guys! What would your resolutions be?


Ria said...

Yes to the hair part, I also want to grow my hair out even more, but I'm chronically uncreative in that department.
My personal resolution for fall:
Thou shall not be so lazy with your work clothes. I can't get myself to wear something more exciting than jeans/shirt/sneakers most of the time... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the excellent posts

MissGracie said...

I am also working on improving my look. It has been changing rather quickly this past year...Hair is definitely moving up in my priorities, and my own personal resolution (related to DIY) is to make most of my clothing that will be in my new wardrobe. Warning: a lot more COLOR is ahead :) (But nothing normal in the slightest.)

gothified said...

The last resolution (DIY) should be the first and most important one. Nothing is more satisfying that wearing stuff you made yourself. I know that from experience ;) And in teh beginnings of the goth scene DIY was actually more common than it is today, it was basically the only way to get clothes that separated you from the rest. And lets be honest: you go to a club and can tell for every second person where she bought the clothes she's wearing... boooooooring.

Becci F.S said...

If you want to do more DIY, my blog is full of tutorials for jewellery and hair accessories.

Salieria said...

Hair! I am still growing my hair (however they actually ARE long) and I always promise myself to do something interesting with it without cutting it - I mean braiding in different ways, for example. So every day I end up with a pony tail or a simple braid, or I wear loose hair... I have to get more creative about that ;]

And I have to dress in a more interesting way - I have loads of cool clothes I don't wear, because I wear jeans and tops almost all the time...

Aaaaand I have to STOP shopping... compulsively. I am buying all the time, mostly jewelry and cosmetics. First I have to put everything in my wardrobe in some order and then think about shopping...

And YES, I totally agree with the part about the judgements of the others... I should stop worrying about it that much.

DarkAngelCase said...

3. and 8. are ones for me that I am trying to work on too. :)

Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

Great post. It's so easy to get in ruts and I think writing things down helps to cement them into being.
I agree with every single point you made and it will hopefully help me to be more mindful as well. :)

chocomento said...

I've resolved to do 6 and 8 more as well :D I'm probably renowned for being the most boring person fashion-wise in my circle of friends, but in reality I'm just scared to try new things. That and I hate clothes shopping. But I shall be scared no more - if I want to wear ripped tights then I shall wear them, dammit!

Shewearscrazywell said...

I looove your list! I can only wear makeup when it is cool out otherwise my allergies go crazy. But I do plan on growing my buzzed head into a mohawk! :) Gotta have goals. My goal is to stay true to being comfy a lot! I love being comfortable....its sooooo good! Hearts, Janna Lynn

GermaniaMagna said...

I too, am looking forward to the day when I will have lovely long locks of hair that would put Rapunzel to shame.

I am also very lazy with my makeup, and in the morning I am just not in the mood to make it all "nice and neat". Even if it's just some eyeshadow and mascara, I really need to be less careless.

The needle on my sewing machine broke and I need to get it replaced so I can do more D.I.Y. (more procrastination on my part).

My mother is into the fitness scene and is obsessed with having the "perfect body". Frankly, I've been having some doubts when I look in the mirror, despite the fact that I'm constantly preaching to her about the impossibility of having a "perfect body" and that I do, in fact, exercise (she apparently thinks that bookworms who lock themselves in their room all day don't care about maintaining a balanced lifestyle).

Moving all of my 'spooky' tunes to my iPod.

But hey, we're all in this together, right?

Razor De Rockefeller said...

I totally relate to the shopping sensibly blurb. I had such a bad habit of buying things that didn't fit right or that I thought I would improve upon to only have them sit in my house taking up space.

I have personally been trying to grow my hair out from shaving it bald back in late 09. It's past my shoulders now! I have gotten a bunch of wigs and am currently modifying a bunch of wigs so that I can change my hair style and color more easily without the damage. You can find some really decent quality wigs (at really good prices) on ebay. So even if you are trying to grow your hair out but are looking to try a different style or color that you just can't achieve with your own hair, it might be something to check out!

I can relate to the drive to really experiment with your personal style. For a while I had fallen out of the habit of doing my makeup and hair and even dressing up, and it honestly made me feel so blah. Those are all things that I really enjoyed doing and when I finally made the time to do them all again, it made me really happy and made me feel creative and inspired again. Good luck with your resolutions!

Anonymous said...

I will

...color my hair
...put the sewing machine together and use it often
...DIY and alter what I can
...find a pair of shoes other than boots for summer

LadyRowenaSaew said...

Dear Amy, i have a request to make, i have recently started 11th grade in another school and a week from now we have this farm camp, where we are going to be staying at a farm for a week and doing farm chores. I have no idea how i am going to be able to dress sensibly since i usually dress very dramatically (i wore fairy wings and black glittery platforms for picture day if that tells you anything) my mom has bought me some old t-shirts, jeans and a pair of rubber boots and i would like to make them seem a little more gothic but still be able to milk cows, any ideas?

Laura Morrigan said...

Definitely DIY-ing more! I made an awesome head piece for cobweb club last night and got so many compliments! I want to do more stuff like that!

I too am trying to grow my hair so I can do more styles. I want to be able to do Victorian styles and also some of the elaborate hairstyles in Game of Thrones. I'd like to get better at makeup styles also, but with my skin problems at the moment, this isn't so likely.

Deidre said...

Funny, I recently listed my own goth resolutions, except it was also a mix of a to-do list of things i have put off (DIY!!!!!!!!). But besides 6 & 7, its the same with more.
Out of curiosity, I don't suppose you use the Wish app on facebook? I recently discovered it and have been obsessed with all of the gothy trinkets I find!

Anonymous said...

5- I like to discover new music sometimes via links and youtube which I may give it a try before owning it via a downloadable mp3 or album such as anything that I'll enjoy listening to regardless if it's 'alternative' or not and depending how I really like the tune of the song I chose. (eg. soundtracks, classic rock, punk, goth, deathrock etc)
6- I tend to be like that as I have no intention dictating others of what they like to wear, when they are uncomfortable with it and to please themselves and I can take it seriously sometimes I have to dress down, there's a place and a time when I can look very flamboyant instead of going out my family like that and to respect their wishes and to not make a dramatic scene over my clothing when I can do that with my friends or at a gig.
8- I do DIY a lot these days, because I have the spirit and motivation of being creative and make my 'normal' clothes more interesting, stylistic, crazy and 'alternative'. I also have made a few things already so far such as platform converse shoes and a waterproof jacket with safety pins and studs. I also can admit I feel proud of myself when it comes to good compliments of my DIY work I wear publicly and all that workmanship and effort of doing so.

Snowhyte said...

Excellent resolutions, I need to do something similar myself! Though the 'hair rut' might pose a little bit of an issue lol, not much I can do with almost no hair to work with...but maybe I'll just have to play with colors more! :)

Cupcake.on.Crack said...

That's cool Ms. Amy.

My resolutions are quite simple:

Don't be so snappy
(I don't Bite through people's comments, but I do tend to be a little on edge)

Wear more make , yet don't become dependent on wearing more make up.(I agree with you!!!)

Eat better/healthier/less crap/more goods/ya know? (has nothing to do with alternative scene whatsoever, but tis true)

OCD Control --- a nice way to put it: I have a collection of things/junk/trud in my room. Now Imust learn how to part ways with those that are no good anymore.

Tenebris In Lux said...

Holy smokes -- over 1,000 followers? What's your secret? :-P

I can definitely see where you are going with these goals .. I've thought about improving on things just like you mentioned. I can definitely agree with number four .. I don't impulsively shop -- at least not all the time *cough* -- but I regret some thrifted items. At least it was thrifted! Also means extra fabric ^_^

If you want some music suggestions, I'm always here. You'd be surprised with what college radio can do to your tastes. Try some Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Wax Idols.

Anonymous said...

I can help you with number 5, as I haven't seen you mention this band anywhere (from what I've read so far). I'm not very good with labels, but it seems to be viewed as dark wave. However, it is undeniably, part of the goth culture.

This is the official youtube video archive, but you can find several other songs on youtube

I hope you will enjoy.


Agrenak said...

I completely agree with the DIY attitude and the want to improve your look, despite possible judgement from others. As a male, (I am speaking from personal experience here) I believe it can be even more of a struggle to shrug off the judgements. However, if you do hold your head high and carry yourself with confidence, people will recognize that and their respect will show. I am in no way saying that it is easier for the females as we all face the same difficulties from time to time. I'm saying that confidence is key in any situation. Show your true colors (or lack of color, as it would be) with pride.

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