Sunday, 2 September 2012

Autumn: That Season Comes

If Goth had a season, it would be Autumn.

Don't get me wrong, there's something I love about all the seasons. I love spring because it's suddenly not freezing and all the bluebells remind me of my first kiss (in a woodland clearing filled with bluebells and spring sunshine *sigh*). Summer is for outdoor festivals, parasols and finally being able to wear pretty strappy tops. And of course winter means layers of velvet, reading books by the fire and - heheheh - Christmas presents.

But Autumn strikes me as the most quintessentially Goth season, if there can be such a thing. And not just for Halloween, either. Although, this already happened:
This is why they should never let me sort the Halloween stuff at the shop.


As the first chill of autumn creeps into the air, Goths everywhere start checking their local shops for Halloween goodies, dusting off their heavy velvets and stompy winter boots, settling down with some hot cocoa and a good book, and crunching through the fallen leaves on their walks through the cemetery. There's something romantic and a little melancholy about the eve of winter that lends itself perfectly to those who favour a darker aesthetic. Velvet and lace in darker hues always make their way onto the catwalk every year at about this time, and it's easy to understand why.

Get your autumn on:
  • Warm woolly tights and a Halloween sweater, with a big fat Doctor Who scarf. And stompy boots, of course.
  • Carving pumpkins. Halloween isn't just for one day, it's a lifestyle. ;-)
  • Check out Juliet's Lace's suggested Autumn-y Tumblrs.
  • Treat yourself to some cheesy Halloween goodies. I've already been buying...
  • A photoshoot in your long coat and favourite velvets beneath orange trees and falling leaves.
  • Reading a good book of poetry whilst rain pours against the window (yes, I'm breaking out ALL the stereotypes here, look away now if you're squeamish).
  • Telling ghost stories around a camp fire with your friends.
  • Flavoured and themed coffees! I love me some pumpkin spice latte! <3
  • Planning your outfits for Whitby Goth Weekend.
  • Earmuffs. Oh my fricking god, I love earmuffs. And mittens. Bring on the huge fluffy mittens!
  • Stock up on make-up whilst dark wine red and purple lipstick is once again booming.
Of course there are downsides - the howling wind and rain may stir something deep down in your dark little heart but it's a bit pants when you have to walk to the shops, huddling your shoulders in your leather jacket. But bonfires and chilly nights more than make up for those niggles - oh, and it's my birthday this month, too. ;-D

I started this blog with a post about how I wasn't getting excited about the Halloween season - it looks like this year things are back to normal! (Or what passes for normal around here, anyway.)


Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

I'm already stocking up on the Halloween goodies and burning pumpkin scented candles. :)

Insomniac's Attic said...

Oh yes, the Hallowe'en shopping began yesterday. Very Excited.

One day, I'm going to plan a trip around the Whitby Goth Weekend - it sounds like it must be a fabulous time! Worth a trip over, do you think?

K said...

I've been planning my Whitby outfits since February. :p

As an aside, Claire's has Halloween stuff in already! Oh, the excitement!

Michelle said...

I love your writing and visit now and then. Autumn is one of my favorite season as well. I´m looking forward to the falling leaves and beautiful colors

Amy Asphodel said...

Insomniac's Attic - I'm going for the first time this year, I have to say it looks amazing! Come over!

K - I knowww... I spent £33 >.< I'm terrible.....

Michelle - thank you! <3

Anonymous said...

I've already stocked on black knee high socks with orange spiders on them directly from Claire's, skull led lights to brighten up my room and hopefully halloween bag of sweets soon! I hope to grab many as I can, Nom nom :P

ZeroNovember said...

I always preferred autumn over any other season. I love the smell in the air, the changes in the trees, and it's very obvious round here because I live next to so much forest land.

I'm waiting excitedly for all the Halloween stuff to come in the shops.

This year we are getting married on Halloween :)

(I know, goths getting married then, so stereotypical!)

App'y said...

Even I am planning for Whitby and not meant to be into fashion anymore !!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, this is making me wish I didn't live in tropical Florida where it's practically summer year round.

AsylumAlice said...

Autumn is definitely my favorite season, despite the fact that we don't have too many trees that turn around here. The name Evergreen means we're pretty...Ever. Green. And yes! The annual popping up of cheesy Halloween goodies in grocery stores is one of my favorite times of year...Although the shop attendants look at you funny if you start jumping up and down yelling "It's Halloween!" in late August. ;D

Nightwind said...

We had a hurricane/tropical storm pass by here this week. After an unbelievably hot summer it was absolutely wonderful to have a cloudy, drizzly and gloomy day after months of heat. And yes, my mind is turning toward fall and Halloween. Summer is not over yet though and we're expecting temperatures in the 100's F. for a few more days. Still, autumn is coming. I'm excited.

Dani DeathBiscuit said...

It's Spring here :3

Leena said...

I have been waited for autumn sooo long. When september started I decided that it is autumn and I am counting days to Halloween. Yes, this year I love autumn sooo much. I need to clean our home from floor to roof and start doing some decorating..

Jayne Marquand said...

It's spring here too. Though I love Autumn anyway, it's not too hot or too cold (mind, Spring is nice too).

Unfortunately, most of New Zealand doesn't seem to go all out about Halloween- where I live, there's really not much Halloween gear at all in shops. It's still my favourite holiday though :D

Celeste said...

Hey, my birthday's this month, too! :) Happy (early) birthday!

xToxicTears said...

I didn't realise how much I loved autumn until reading this post brought tears of joy to my eyes...

..Although I am incredibly over emotional right now. Jake ate my crisps by mistake yesterday so I cried.


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