Friday, 14 September 2012

High street Goth

Hello again! Gosh, this must be a record for daily posts this year, I have been a very bad blogger but I am getting myself back on track, as you can see (hopefully!). ^^

This year, of course, there has been a huge boom in all things Goth erupting in shops all over the land for autumn/winter. This isn't an entirely unusual occurence; black velvet, as previously noted, shows up during the fall season fairly often, as does black lace and lipstick in various shades of purple and berry. And of course, everyone starts tossing the G-word around and using phrases like "whilst real Goths don't wear gold jewellery, fashion Goths do" (I'm paraphrasing from the Daily Mail, but unfortunately they did actually use the term 'fashion Goths' *headdesk*).

This used to rile me - this is a culture I am very fond of, dammit, not a silly trend - but now I have learned to sit back, relax, and snap up the best items, even if after seeing one too many hipsters wearing that skull scarf from Primark (and turning up at a friend's house only to spot that we were beclad in the exact same accessory), some of those items may need to live in the back of the wardrobe until they are less, erm, trendy.

With this in mind, today I trawled the shops seeking the best places to find suitably spooky attire that you can keep as part of your look long after the mainstream has gotten bored and moved on to pastures new.

Dorothy Perkins
A half-hearted attempt at the Gothic 'trend' with lace-print pieces scattered here and there and the most unflattering pair of leather trousers I have ever seen. The few promising pieces (including a rather attractive pair of skinny jeans printed with roses) are unfortunately in colours like navy, which doesn't work well with a predominantly black wardrobe.

For those of you who enjoy a vintage-inspired look, there are some pretty dresses with details like polka dot prints, baroque prints, peplums and peter pan collars, but these certainly won't be for everyone. Overall, I was fairly unimpressed.

Topshop have really jumped on the ooky-spooky bandwagon; the main thing holding them back is the high prices, when Goth brands and their high street competitors stock similar pieces for far better value. However I did splurge £48 on a camo print jacket (military also being very hot this season) which will look great with punk-tinged outfits and which I can add patches and such to as I go along. It's probably the only practical thing I own.

Topshop do have some lovely black chunky knit sweaters, but at roughly £40 a pop I'd suggest trundling along to New Look to pick up something almost identical at half the price. I do love an oversized black sweater to snuggle up in, but I also like to have some money left at the end of the month. I also adore the spiked ballet pumps they have in but at size 6.5 I find the size sixes too small and the sevens too big. Go figure. :-/

Freedom at Topshop, the in-store jewellery range, has also really gone to town on the Goth trend with skulls on everything, beautiful amethyst rings and some really  fantastic earrings (shame so much of it is gold-tone which doesn't suit me one iota) but I'm reluctant to buy because the prices certainly do not reflect the quality. I had a spiked wristband from them; all the spikes fell off. I bought some faux pearl cuffs which fell apart for no apparent reason after less than an hour of wearing. Their belly bars seem to be a touch more hardwearing, though, and come in interesting designs like skulls and screws.

If you have a slightly higher budget that I do, there are some very nice things in Topshop this season. I have my eye on one particular black lace bodycon dress *swoons* for my birthday party next week, and poking about on the website I found plenty of gorgeous things such as this jumper and this dress.

New Look
New Look have really been the star of the season for me this year, I can't walk in there without wanting to buy something and have already treated myself to a fluffy black cardigan, a jumper with a skull on it and some tartan baseball boots. I did wince a little when I saw that they were even selling creepers, though. :-S Interestingly they uncovered the nu-Goth trend back in the summer months and were selling such lovely things as plaid and skull print shorts. Yum!

Look out for skull print dresses (on my want list, obvs), spiked high heels, and I did spot a pink jumper with a skull and crossbones print that apparently sold out in seconds in my local store, which I now need to find online. >.< Their jewellery is good too; many spikes and skulls a la Topshop but slightly more durable in my experience and more stuff in silvertone. I especially like their ear cuffs.

I searched 'skulls' on their website and came up with some really nice pieces; I like the Halloween skull T-shirt and the skull bow wellies - there's even a skull print onesie that I am probably going to invest in for snuggling up with a book when the weather starts to turn really chilly.

I may have been rolling my eyes at the start of this trend, but at the moment I'm really enjoying being able to source new pieces for my ever-growing wardrobe with such ease. What have you guys been buying? What do you think of this 'trend'?


ZeroNovember said...

I freaking love New Look. Even when the trends are something I don't like, I can always find something to buy.

I almost bought the red wine gothic cross top with diamonte embellishments but since I had just bought the skull print top with diamonte I didn't :( I'm so tempted to go back and get it!

I am in love with this ring:

Primark are apparently due a load of similar style stuff in the middle of this month which is really exciting.

I don't shop in Topshop unless a sale is on and also because their sizes are very small.

I should really go into H&M and check their range out as well (although they tend to do their own takes on trends)

I also love TK Maxx although it takes time to search through the racks, but then you can find gems year round!

Anonymous said...

"Dark rock" fashion and Military have been in since 2010. Like plaid, the mainstream will eventually get bored and they will disappear for another decade until someone's looking at their ma's old photos and goes, "Oh!..."

K said...

Love the Topshop jumper, price seems a bit steep for something that simple though.
I've banned myself from buying any more clothes until I've sufficiently cleared all of the unworn stuff out of my wardrobe. It REALLY doesn't help matters that the shops are full of so much prettiness lately. >__<

Mind you, I did buy a pair of creepers from Barratts for £25 the other week. I've wanted a pair for years but the Underground ones were always far too wide for my feet, however the Barratts ones fit perfectly! They seem pretty well made to boot.
I'm going to buy another pair to put by when they go on sale.

Anonymous said...

I can literally go years without shopping for clothes (well, maybe the occasional item), but when a trend hits the mainstream that's in sync with what I lean toward, I just go nuts, LOL. I really get alot of mileage out of what I pick up, since I can usually work the new into my existing wardrobe, thus allowing me to rediscover older gems. I lean toward an ethereal, boho sort of thing, and every couple of years those styles hit the US.

Peter said...

Jc Penny has had some interesting gothy pieces lately. (brass steam-punk dual buttoned trench coat <3, and a t-shirt with an image of the famous skull optical illusion "All is Vanity" by Charles Allan Gilbert, and a couple dark forest themed shirts, to name a few)

Louise said...

Seconding TK Maxx.

Peacocks are quite good too, although they've closed a lot of their stores so might not be easily accessible for everybody.

What'sWrongWithBeingDark? said...

I so agree with you! I personally hate seeing chavs or semi-chavs wearing skull designs just because it's what's in at this precise moment but at the same time it's nice to be able to find more stuff to buy (or pine over).

I detest H&M by now or to be more precise I hate the H&M Women section, the kids section is very good in general. I am lucky enough (or unlucky depending on the point of view) to be quite petite so most of my 'Goth' clothes have come from the kids sections of New Look, H&M, etc. New Look has right now a fantastic pair of simil-Converse trainers with nice skulls designs. I tried very hard to resist buying them as I'm on a budget but they called to me and I had to give in in the end :D

Another good thing of this trend is that more people buy and sell the clothes back on eBay so we can find them for even cheaper :D

AsylumAlice said...

I've always heard of the Mainstream-Borrows-From-Goth-For-Autumn trend, but I've never actually seen it happen! Maybe its because I can't really afford to go shopping at places that cater towards current fashion trends (Wal-Mart and Target for me if its not a thrift store!) I understand why it would be annoying to see "Goth" pasted onto everything even slightly black tinged, and the use of the word as a fashion term is a little irritating as it represents so much more. But generally I agree with your view that it's best to take advantage of the gloomy garb while its available, and keep wearing it after it goes "out of style." :D

goth girl 10472 said...

Its good that its easier to find your favorite clothes at retail stores especially here since the vampire freaks NYC store is closed. But im afraid when the "trend" fades away people will give us disdainful looks like "thats sooo 2012" instead of WTF? looks.

Anonymous said...

I've picked up a few pieces from JCP, as well! What's really awesome, is that when put together one way, they can be ├╝ber goth, but when paired with items from my work wardrobe, they can still remain work-appropriate.

CherryPie Suicide said...

Primark is my best friend. Not usually for Goth things, but for vintage-inspired goodies.

However, one year they had lots and lots of black velvet(een) and black lace and I still have the long black lace skirt I bought from there.

Claire's Accessories has always had an array of Gothy jewellery and several of my chokers are from there, but I am disappointed to say that they currently stock a blatant Alchemy Gothic rip-off of the Death of a Vampire pendant. For shame!

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