Tuesday, 4 September 2012

September Linksplosion!

Gosh, how quickly linksplosion time rolls around each month!

Here are my pick of the best blog posts I've unearthed of late:
  1. AsylumAlice has a lovely post about the origins of Halloween, perfect for newbie Gothlings, history buffs and those of us who are raring to get into the spirit of the season.
  2. I am actually going to print out this post from the Everyday Goth and carry it around with me, particularly when I can't resist poking my nose into each and every shop that I pass on my lunch break. It's about how to justify the cost of an item you're pining over - and hopefully, in my case, to help me convince myself that there are some things I really don't NEED!
  3. SaryWalrus has a brilliant tutorial on how to sew your own lacy jabot - nice and simple, but a gorgeous result.
  4. I enjoyed model Toxic Tears's post about her style inspirations because of the sheer variety! A reminder that being darkly alternative doesn't mean you can't have variety in your look and influences.
  5. The Bat Conservation Trust had a great blog post about the affinity between Goths and the affinity many of us show for, yeah, you guessed it - bats.
  6. The HouseCat talks about babybats, eldergoths... and whatever lies in the murky realm between.
  7. At Lavender-Scented Fetuses... there's a must-read post about the people you really should know if you're getting into deathrock.
Ten Etsy picks for the dark at heart:
  1. In time for Halloween, a Graveyard Ghosts scented candle from seller LockandKeyCreations, brainchild of vlogger LeahMouse.
  2. If you like your creepy to be tempered with a dash of cute, you might like this cupcake necklace from Happy Un-Birthday.
  3. Oh My Goth from Polish Revolution is a charcoal grey colour nail varnish filled with black heart glitter and other sparkly goodness.
  4. Black leather bat wings that attach to your corset laces? OH MY GOD YES. Thanks, IndigoLily Designs.
  5. These beautiful black lace gloves from PaperCatsPL are absolutely stunning.
  6. I absolutely adore the print on this Halloween apron from Annie's Attic. Totally appropriate all year round if you ask me.
  7. This witch pendant from GlampireDesigns is creepy, elegant and unusual all at once.
  8. I'd love to wear this 'Casual Goth' tee from spiderbabydesigns with my skinny jeans and long cardigan, just to drive the message home. Ah, the irony... ;-)
  9. This long black lace collar from GothicRevival would look AMAZING with a black blouse or shirt... yummy.
  10. How about a creme perfume... by the name of Goth Chic? From WhoosSoap.
And lastly, twelve fabulous outfits found on Tumblr:
  1. These Victorian-inspired ensembles are quite frankly awe-inspiring. (via wednesdaysnecropolis.)
  2. Every day she's bustlin'? Nothing is not perfect about this. (via smasheddoll.)
  3. This makes me want to go and co-ordinate an outfit around my newest top hat. Love itttt! (via gothicrealm.)
  4. At the other end of the spectrum, we have a perfectly stunning example of just how melancholy pink can be. (via marypsue.)
  5. These ladies both look utterly fantastic. I love the orange hair especially. (via marypsue.)
  6. What's not Goth about a pony tail? (via tinkeringwithteacups.)
  7. This hair and make-up is the epitome of wonderful. (via jigokuchuu.)
  8. Looks like Gothicle tripped and fell in some perfect. AGAIN. (via aliecethemad.)
  9. This woman is so beautiful... every Goth girl should own pearls. (via gothicrealm.)
  10. Epic-ness with hats. Yay! (via gothicgirlie.)
  11. This is a demonstration of precisely how va-va-voom should be used. (via understateunion.)
  12. I would literally sell my soul for this outfit. Any takers? (via marypsue.)


Anonymous said...

OMG that last outfit.... it is so gorgeous. I have a pair of home ripped tights with the pattern the same as the parasol she has! I love those skeleton belts!

Corin said...

I love your Linkplosions! They always guarantee a good evening of interesting blog reads and lots of inspiration! :)I just wrote a blog post about EllE's September issue (full of goth-friendly material) that might interest you:

AsylumAlice said...

I always look forward to your linksplosions! They give me some great inspiration and a little time to drool while window shopping. :) Never thought you'd mention me in one! Thanks so much! "Every day she's bustlin'" I was laughing so hard a that...while weeping for the fact that Party Rock Anthem has reached the UK. >.<

MadamNoire said...

Great collection of links! :) I got a lot of inspiration from it. I really loved the picture of the curvy girl in purple. She's so beautiful!

Spooky love / Noire

Cherry Divine said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've only just figured out how to comment,{technophobe, i know} but ive been reading your blog for months and i love it! Ive just recently got into goth and your amazing blog has really helped me. Thank you so much!

k said...

Indigolily here, I just traced back to your awesome blog from my etsy, thank you so much for the shout out! You are definitely gothier than I ;), but it's always awesome to have someone compliment your creations! Keep up your awesome blog!

Amy Asphodel said...

Indigolily - thank you! I love your designs <3

xToxicTears said...

Oh!:D I wondered where all the views were coming from! Thank you.^_^

Dayana said...

Going back to etsy, look at this skull lace trim! It's subtle, and perfect for babygoths(:

The HouseCat said...

I know whenever you've linked to me; there's always a sudden spike in page views! Thankyou for sharing my post :)

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