Friday, 7 September 2012

September talent spotlight: retro Goth releases, singer/songwriters and free downloads

So once again I had a few emails from wonderful, talented people that I thought I would share with you... I hope you find something of interest here.

Caitlin Glennon
Caitlin is a singer/songwriter from Albany, who describes her newest album, Hard Learned Truths, as a "combination of rock songs, dance, synth/rock songs and folk-rock songs - basically, I love electronic music (esp. synth-rock) as much as I love rock and roll."

You can visit Caitlin's website here. I've been listening to some of her songs this morning on YouTube and I must say, she has a beautiful, fascinating voice.

Caitlin strongly suspects that Gothy types checking out her music will find something to appreciate in track 8 of Hard Learned Truths, entitled Dark Sensibility. The song, she explains, was written in homage to aging Goths, contains plenty of Nick Cave references and is 'full of synth-heavy dark lyrical danciness.' You can stream Dark Sensibility over yonder at Caitlin's bandcamp.

(c) Caitlin Glennon
Jeani Bond / The Children of Power
Xian label and radio station owner Jeani Bond would like to draw our attention to a little-known British Christian Goth band called The Children of Power, who released a cassette in 1991 (the year I was born, incidentally) called Innocence. Jeani has just re-released Innocence for download or as a physical CD on her label Key Records.

I took a look through the Key Records catalogue. Jeani describes the label's output as mostly retro garage bands, but I found a handful of Goth-friendly goodies lurking, such as Christian Image and New Society, as well as of course The Children of Power. I really look forward to getting my hands on some of these!

Jeani's radio station, Regeneration Radio, might also be of interest - she plays Christian underground and alternative music from the 80s and 90s.

French band Lyncelia remind us that their first album is still available as a physical CD from Bandcamp for only 10 euros plus postage, with a free bonus sticker and free download link to their cover of French artist Serge Gainsbourg. (You can also download the album, Lovelorn, for free.)

Lyncelia say, "We are actually working on finishing our 2nd album, we have planned 12 tracks and we are writing the last lyrics missing. This album will be more intense and deep."

La Catrin
La Catrin is an artist from Houston, Texas, referred to as 'Houston's Princess of Dark Pop', and is the ex-frontwoman of Heist at Hand. This year she released her debut album Humans Are My Keyboards, described as "a lush dark pop album with equal parts organic and synth orchestrations" which has been available in online stores since April 15th.

In March 2012 La Catrin's track "Our Thirsty Throats" was included in Gothtopia, a blog run by The Houston Press, as one of the 'top 10 Goth songs to come out of Houston ever'. You can listen to, and download, this track (and more from La Catrin) over here at Soundcloud.


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