Thursday, 29 November 2012

URL Change - Early Warning!

Hi guys! I've registered the URL - am currently debating whether to move this site over there or to just stop posting here and put my new content on the new page. I do like continuity but some of the newer, less Gothy content might not gel well with the older stuff here. I could put Gothier posts here and other stuff there? But how likely am I to maintain two blogs at the same time (answer: not very!).

Argh! What do you lovelies think?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Why, Hello There

Hi, remember me? I guess it's been a while. :-) I am currently undecided about whether to return to blogging on any kind of a regular schedule, but so many of you guys have messaged me on Facebook and Tumblr that I felt it was a little bit rude of me to not at least let y'all know I'm still alive and well.

To the many lovely people (especially Amy of the ever-fabulous and wonderful Juliet's Lace and the girls on Tumblr who have sent the kindest messages) who have been wondering, yes, everything is all right. Aside from near-poverty and a great deal of existential angst, of course!

So, to answer those few niggling questions:

1. Where have you been?
Nowhere special. I felt I needed to take some time out from blogging as it was starting to eat away at my personal life, and I was so wrapped up in trying to be Le Perfect Gothique that I wasn't sure where the real me started and the internet image began. Yes, as I'm typing this I can see how odd it makes me sound, but that's how it was.

I spent a couple of months with no make-up (shocker) and ditched the macabre garb (double shocker) and proceeded to throw myself into meditation, nature (le gasp) and spending as little time online as poss in the hope of uncovering the Real Me (TM) - whoever she might be! Oh, I also began the process of dreadlocking my hair, something I've been interested in since I was but a wee girl in rainbow flares. (Which answers another question that some of you have been asking - yes, I have fuzzy baby dreads. They are 50 days old as of today, all-natural, and yes I love them and no, they don't smell.)

My friends all told me that losing the spooky image made me seem 'more myself', but it felt like a big chunk of me was missing. I won't lie, it did feel good to take a breather from slathering on the slap every day as well as from the occasional drama of blogging. But lately I've begun to miss my online friends (seriously, I love you guys) as well as the black-tinged outlook on life I chose to celebrate via this blog.

2. What happened to the Whitby Goth Weekend meet-up?
Sorry, you guys. Face. Of. Shame.

Yes, I went to Whitby. I had a great time and spent far too much money (of course!) but as at the time I was feeling distanced from the Goth scene and this blog I didn't get around to arranging the promised meet. I know, I suck. Sorry, once again.

3. Are you going to start blogging again?
Yes, I think so! However, I think there will be a few changes around here - which hopefully won't frighten you away.
  • As I don't currently feel identified with what I tend to refer to as 'the Goth scene proper'; rather, I prefer to enjoy aspects of the far vaguer term 'dark culture', I will probably be finally getting around to changing the URL of this site to something more fitting and less ubergoff.
  • Less trying to be an expert on things. I am, and have always been, an enthusiast and not an expert. I'm happy to offer opinions and suggestions in answer to your questions, but my (oft-criticised, eheheh) music guides and 'styles of' fashion posts certainly don't always hit the mark. I figure it's best to be honest and blog about what I actually know, rather than devoting hours to research and still not always getting it right! I do my best... ;-)
  • I may or may not introduce some new subjects and possibly more personal stuff (sorry). Less outfit posts, however, as I'm starting to feel there is more to life than getting dressed (no, I can't believe I really said that either).
I won't be deleting any old posts (so newcomers to this site may feel a little bewildered for a while). I am also unlikely to update daily as it really does eat into one's free time, although, let's be fair, I DO have some catching up to do. Starting with working through my blog list and finding out what all you black-clad lovelies have been up to.

I am sorry to those of you whom I let down (not least the very nice journalist from the German magazine - I only just checked my email :-((( ) whilst trying to get my head back on straight.

And a huge hello to those of you who are new here and whose comments I have not yet replied to - welcome, big hugs and many glittery bats to you.

Amy Asphodel

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