Thursday, 22 November 2012

Why, Hello There

Hi, remember me? I guess it's been a while. :-) I am currently undecided about whether to return to blogging on any kind of a regular schedule, but so many of you guys have messaged me on Facebook and Tumblr that I felt it was a little bit rude of me to not at least let y'all know I'm still alive and well.

To the many lovely people (especially Amy of the ever-fabulous and wonderful Juliet's Lace and the girls on Tumblr who have sent the kindest messages) who have been wondering, yes, everything is all right. Aside from near-poverty and a great deal of existential angst, of course!

So, to answer those few niggling questions:

1. Where have you been?
Nowhere special. I felt I needed to take some time out from blogging as it was starting to eat away at my personal life, and I was so wrapped up in trying to be Le Perfect Gothique that I wasn't sure where the real me started and the internet image began. Yes, as I'm typing this I can see how odd it makes me sound, but that's how it was.

I spent a couple of months with no make-up (shocker) and ditched the macabre garb (double shocker) and proceeded to throw myself into meditation, nature (le gasp) and spending as little time online as poss in the hope of uncovering the Real Me (TM) - whoever she might be! Oh, I also began the process of dreadlocking my hair, something I've been interested in since I was but a wee girl in rainbow flares. (Which answers another question that some of you have been asking - yes, I have fuzzy baby dreads. They are 50 days old as of today, all-natural, and yes I love them and no, they don't smell.)

My friends all told me that losing the spooky image made me seem 'more myself', but it felt like a big chunk of me was missing. I won't lie, it did feel good to take a breather from slathering on the slap every day as well as from the occasional drama of blogging. But lately I've begun to miss my online friends (seriously, I love you guys) as well as the black-tinged outlook on life I chose to celebrate via this blog.

2. What happened to the Whitby Goth Weekend meet-up?
Sorry, you guys. Face. Of. Shame.

Yes, I went to Whitby. I had a great time and spent far too much money (of course!) but as at the time I was feeling distanced from the Goth scene and this blog I didn't get around to arranging the promised meet. I know, I suck. Sorry, once again.

3. Are you going to start blogging again?
Yes, I think so! However, I think there will be a few changes around here - which hopefully won't frighten you away.
  • As I don't currently feel identified with what I tend to refer to as 'the Goth scene proper'; rather, I prefer to enjoy aspects of the far vaguer term 'dark culture', I will probably be finally getting around to changing the URL of this site to something more fitting and less ubergoff.
  • Less trying to be an expert on things. I am, and have always been, an enthusiast and not an expert. I'm happy to offer opinions and suggestions in answer to your questions, but my (oft-criticised, eheheh) music guides and 'styles of' fashion posts certainly don't always hit the mark. I figure it's best to be honest and blog about what I actually know, rather than devoting hours to research and still not always getting it right! I do my best... ;-)
  • I may or may not introduce some new subjects and possibly more personal stuff (sorry). Less outfit posts, however, as I'm starting to feel there is more to life than getting dressed (no, I can't believe I really said that either).
I won't be deleting any old posts (so newcomers to this site may feel a little bewildered for a while). I am also unlikely to update daily as it really does eat into one's free time, although, let's be fair, I DO have some catching up to do. Starting with working through my blog list and finding out what all you black-clad lovelies have been up to.

I am sorry to those of you whom I let down (not least the very nice journalist from the German magazine - I only just checked my email :-((( ) whilst trying to get my head back on straight.

And a huge hello to those of you who are new here and whose comments I have not yet replied to - welcome, big hugs and many glittery bats to you.

Amy Asphodel


LittleGothCat said...

It seems nothing will change, besides the word Goth being used less frequently.

Julietslace said...

Nawh I'm so glad you're back bubs, missed you! You deserved a good break and you don't need to update every day to be a good blogger, I'm looking forward to seeing the changes, specially your dreads. I haven't a clue about dreads personally but they really suit you. Xo

Alexandriaweb said...

Welcome back!
Change is good sometimes, I try and shake up what I'm posting a couple of times a year to get rid of what doesn't work and make better what does.

The Cemetery Dreamer said...

Really glad you are back =]
Your dreads look really cute (I love new dreads, so fluffy looking hehe)
I hope you feel that you've found who you are, I hope you're feeling happier for it.
I'll miss seeing outfit photos though; I think you're style is always great.

Scarecrow Musings said...

congratulations on waking up to being yourself above any perceived expected requirements =)
I skirt around the fringes of goth, punk and oh so many little things. (hence why I follow your blog) good luck on your continued journey of self discovery and looking forward to seeing where your blog goes from here. all the best.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back! I love the dreads they're cool :-]

akumaxkami said...

Thanks for the update, it's good to know you're still doing okay.

I look forward to the new content on your blog. It's always fun to watch people evolve and come into themselves more! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking the time you need off.

Also, the dreads are uber cute. ;D

Mayra Robledo said...

Im so glad your back Amy! And i hope everything goes much better for you from now on. I seriously missed your blogs! Ive been following your blog since a year ago, and until now i made a blogspot account, i feel like i officially follow your blog haha :)

SaryWalrus said...

I think we all missed you and I may or may not be hinting to myself. But I'm very glad your back! Finding yourself is much more important than blogging. <3

Alanis said...

I'm glad you're back, but mostly I'm glad you took some time off for you and hopefully you found some of what you were looking for. Our Real Selves are constantly changing, aren't they? I never know what I want -- doesn't help that I'm pulled in opposite directions when it comes to style.

I'm excited to hear about your dreadlock journey! I'm crazy jealous, my hair is wayyy too short for dreads atm.

OddGhoulOut said...

All I can say is good for you for being true to who you are! I support any changes you plan to make.

linnea-maria said...

Sometimes it's good to take a brake and reflect over oneself a bit. I think you did the right thing. Don't try to be someone else than yourself, we will love you anyhow.
I have always loved your texts you are a very good writer in what subject you choose to write about.
Good to see that you are ok.

Varsha said...

Amy, lovely, you're back!!! how we missed you!!!!<3 your blog was my life. i guess i kind of thank you for taking a break so i could find myself as well, since your blog was most of my free time i know me better too. :) so glad you're healthy and safe! congrats on the dreads, let us know how those go as i'm considering dreading my hair myself.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I missed you! I think your dreads are adorable. Anyone know if it's possible to dreadlock a synthetic wig?

Mik said...

YAY YOU'RE BACK! *glomps*

Anonymous said...

Am sure a lot of people do the same at some point.. It's too exhausting and limiting to do goth 100% of the time. Partly goth is about fun and self-expression.. Anything 'alternative lifestyle'-ish will be good to read.

And your dreads are lovely! Jealous. :)

Lesthis gothworld said...

Welcome back :D

Nice with the dreads! I love dreads.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're back, no matter what form it takes or how infrequently you post (though let's be serious, the more Amy the better). I love your voice and have missed it!

Sarah said...

I, for one, look forward to whichever direction you end up taking with the blog (and snoopily, with your life and style, haha). It's your personal writing voice I tune in for, not just the super gothyness. Whatever will make you happy, lovely woman! *warm wishes*

Lunar Blue said...

I hope peeps are more open to your locs more than they are towards me, but it seems like they are :) I remember when I first got mine almost 6 years ago.. memories
Having actual locs, I often to ask why in the goth community.

I myself seem to challenge and change often. It seems to keep me on the outskirts of the community, but I have to answer to myself first and foremost.
enjoy the journey


AsylumAlice said...

It's nice to hear from you again! And its good that you're taking time to figure yourself out. Everyone should sometimes! :D

Anonymous said...

good to see you back, hope you're okay

minana-banana said...

I'm so glad to see a new post from you!! I can't imagine making a full-on post every day... I'm super excited to see some different posts in the future :)

chocomento said...

Yay, it's Amy! Your dreads are looking amazing, I too have been lusting after dreading my own hair but I'm too scared to take the plunge, so it's synthetic dreads and hairfalls for me, heh.

I hope everything works out alright for you :) Obviously your wellbeing is much more important than a blog, so take your time. I'll be sticking with this blog, and I've enjoyed your personal posts thus far, so I'm sure it'll continue to be a good read should you choose to continue posting!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. Sometimes we all need a break from things. I look forward to future posts. :)

ThatShyGuy said...

We miiiiiiiiiissed you!

The dreds look great! When most people do them, the dreds end up looking nasty... yours, on the other hand, look amazing!

Plus, there's nothing wrong with discovering the 'real' you... based upon your behaviors and insightful writings, she (i.e. 'you') is an amazingly beautiful, intelligent person...

CatacombxKitten said...

Welcome back, Amy! :)

Tatjana said...

I'm confused, are you not being Goth anymore. You were the one that lead me to Goth in the first place. I have to admit that I would be a tiny bit heartbroken if you were leaving the subculture.
a romantigoth
Baby bat

Nightwind said...

It was good hearing from you again Amy. I'm glad that you're still alive and well.

Since I've been reading your blog I've noticed your personal evolution. I believe that it's important that we all be honest with ourselves and be true to whoever, and whatever we are. Change is a lifelong process but even so, all the elements of who we were, even years ago, remain with us and become an integral part of who we are.

I can understand your relief at not spending so much time dressing every day. My personal feeling is that, Goth or not, excessive attention paid to dressing on a daily basis must get a bit cumbersome. I like to dress Goth for special occasions and enjoy doing so, but as I've mentioned before, it's not at all unusual to find me wearing a black shirt and blue jeans while I'm out and about. My casual style of dress is...well, me, and it really doesn't matter whether or not I meet anyone else's expectations as to how I should be dressing at any given time.

I hope you do keep posting from time to time as I've always enjoyed hearing what you've got to say.

By the way, I like your dreads.

Pale Lady said...

Amy, I will continue to read your words no matter what you write about, be it dark matters or your new dreads. :-) Just keep writing when you have time!

Anonymous said...

Should you change the name of your blog, can you please put up a pre-name-change entry as to what it will be? I don't have an account on this site and don't want to lose your URL unless I know the new one.

I'm glad you're feeling better though! And yes- it is good to take time for yourself.

Sylvie D said...

I am more of a lurker. Good for you to be taking time out and being true to yourself. I love the dreads too! I am probably older than you are. I went "normal" for a few years but I am back! I can relate to being confused as to who you are. Good for you!

Mal. said...

Yeah, I'm glad you're back and feeling better. Fluidity is what life should be, so experimenting and finding what works for you is not a bad thing. As for your posts with research, I enjoyed those very much and appreciate your work with them. One can't decided what works with out info, right? Alternative lifestyles should never be just another box in my opinion, so I say to still never let the Nay Sayers get you down. <3

Amaranth L Rayne said...

I've missed you (+ your posts)!!
Glad to see you're good, and I can't wait to see this new content!
Also, it's okay that you couldn't make the Whitby meet; I couldn't go to the weekend this year anyway :(

Grissino said...

I'm waiting for your new posts! :)

P.S.: I'm sorry but I dont like your new real dreads, again sorry... :(

CallaWolf said...

I just noticed this post. Glad to see an update, Amy.

I support what ever changes you decide to go for, whether it's the goth thing or not.

It's interesting you point being part of the "dark culture" rather than the "goth scene proper." I've been thinking the same thing myself. I'm more of you you call a "darkling" thank a goth (as I'm sitting here in all black and spikes on either wrist, lol).

It's been a while writing, for me as well, so I certainly know how it goes when it it comes to writing new content and bringing new blogs out. It's hard to do so and still focus on other things.

Anyways, sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to say it's good to see you back in one form or another.

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