Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hey there...

New blog?


Anonymous said...

SIster!! ^^ your back after 3 years!

Anonymous said...

i think your dreads look awesome they really work for you and while i'm going to miss your posts i think your decision is a wise one. thank you for all the posts you've made they've really helped me.

p.s have you ever thought about making a book like the lady of manners did,but instead it would be a babybat's guide to the Goth subculture?

Anonymous said...

Should have known you were a poseur. You didn't even last 5 years. I'm a similar age to you and I've been this way since I was 13. This is a life commitment.

To what, you may ask? It's not the clothing. It's not the superficial trappings.

It's a commitment to the funeral and celebration of the death of Western dominance. A mockery of the hypocrisy of the religious morals of the upper classes and colonial attitudes. These messages are still relevant and will continue to be for as long as rich, white men hypocritically use religion as justification to dominate everyone else.

I'm committed. I'll be goth 'til the grave, eyeliner or no eyeliner.

Anyway, just wanted to comment that Chelsea Wolfe belonged on your band list, but I guess what the fuck do you care now? You should take this down. You were never one of us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy! I saw your new blog and I've been reading it all this while. I'm so glad you've taken time to discover yourself and find a style you really like. It looks great. Keep rocking, girl!

Amy Townsend said...

Anon 1 - Hello ^^ yes I am, albeit somewhat different than you might remember :-p

Anon 2 - thank you :) that would be a nice idea and it's a huge compliment but I'm not sure I'd be the right girl for the job! Voltaire's What is Goth? and Nancy Kilpatrick's The Goth Bible pretty much have it covered I think.

Anon 3 - ..........o.O

Anon 4 - Hey yourself :) thanks very much, you're lovely!

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