Disclaimer & Site Policies

Yes, the serious bit.

I do not claim any of the artwork on this site as my own except the images of myself; I will always try to state a source or give credit. If I have used your artwork and not credited you, please let me know and I will be happy to add a link and/or a short artist or model bio.

If you wish me to remove your artwork I am more than happy to do so - again, please let me know.

Images are chosen by me, and are sourced from sites such as Tumblr, Photobucket and slideshows on YouTube. I occasionally use work from DeviantArt or ModelMayhem but will always credit. If I use work from any other sites such as commercial websites or photography websites (for example Viona-Art) I will also credit. I choose images because I like them; because I think they are beautiful and would like to share them with my readers.

If you are an artist or model and would like me to feature your work, please get in touch.

My Work
I am happy for you to link to or reference my work; unless you wish to copy a full post there is no need to ask for my permission. Please do not syndicate or reproduce my posts, in whole or in part, WITHOUT CREDITING ME AND POSTING A LINK TO THIS SITE. Seriously, I do not appreciate others taking credit for my writing. If my work keeps turning up elsewhere uncredited, I may consider deleting this blog.

I would prefer if my personal photos are not taken or used without my permission - however, I know that by placing them in the public domain it's always possible that I'll see them turning up in some strange places in future...

This blog was formerly known as the Ultimate Goth Guide. I changed it in February 2012 because I felt a new title would better reflect the content of the site, but I have not changed the URL to avoid effing up people's links. This is not a Goth blog, because it covers cyber, Industrial, steampunk, some metal and Lolita, as well as a wide range of things that would come under the vague, far-reaching label of 'dark alternative'. I previously referred to this in the header of the blog, "Everything about Goth and dark culture," and have now made it a bit more obvious that this blog covers more subjects than those which can be considered arguably, even undeniably, Goth.

Also, whilst all work on this site is heavily researched, some of it is still personal opinion (e.g. just because I say that an album is 'the best ever', does not guarantee that you will feel the same) and some of it cannot be proven as fact.

Lastly, some articles or quotes on this website may be sarcastic or tongue-in-cheek, and I am not to blame if you take them seriously.

I am more than happy to review relevant products or samples from small (or large) companies, or from individuals - although, if I have suspicions about you being a 'reputable' or genuine company I will not review your product as I will not feel comfortable giving you an address to receive a sample.

A free sample does not guarantee a favourable review. Neither does a bribe, unless it is something really nice (I have a certain fondness for sparkly bats, pink shoes, and make-up in weird colours).

Guest Posts
Firstly, I will not use any guest post that is not relevant, close to a topic I have already covered, badly written, offensive, advertising, spamming, trolling or asking for money.

Secondly, I prefer to use guest posts from established bloggers; however if you are not such a creature, please do get in contact anyway as I am always happy to check out samples of your writing. I can write crap on this blog because it is my blog. Everyone else has to be awesome. Your work remains your own and full credit will be given in all cases.

Thirdly, if you get in contact with me and I do not choose to use your post or idea, please don't be offended because a) let's face it, I am a ditz and may have been oblivious to your genius; b) I have my own, probably daft, reasons for choosing not to use your work - this does not mean I have anything against you or am not interested in any other ideas you may have!

Fourthly, if I think you are uber, I may contact you about writing a guest post. You absolutely do not have to do so, it basically just means I think you are awesome and that my readers would be interested in what you have to say.

I will probably not post guest posts very often - in case you haven't noticed, I am very territorial. Also, I am not the best blogger out there and do not want my guest bloggers to show me up... Monthly guest posts will be the maximum; however obviously if I don't have any guest posts I can't post them.

I will not disable comments on guest posts unless this is requested; if you are the guest blogger you may use your own account or an 'anonymous' posting method to reply to any comments. I will also be poking my nose in from time to time.

Once a guest post is up, I will only remove it for a VERY good reason. Please only submit your OWN writing and your OWN images.

No guest blogger will be given access to my Blogger account.

I can be contacted via comments. If you leave an e-mail address I will contact you via my Hotmail e-mail address if I think you are not spamming me or likely to send me viruses. If you would like me to delete your comment after I have noted your e-mail address, let me know - but be aware that I am not online at all times so others may see your e-mail before I can delete it. If you don't want to run the risk of others seeing your e-mail, just comment me and I will do my best find an alternative method of contact.

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