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A large part of both alternative fashion and culture is crafting, creating and re-constructing anything and everything to give a completely unique look to one's outfits, accessories, home decor, and more. Even beauty essentials, cosmetics and perfumes can be handmade once you know how. DIY is budget-friendly, and helps give your look that something extra.

But don't panic - DIYing doesn't have to be complicated. I've collected some simple tutorials, both from around the web and of my own devising - and believe me, when I say simple, I mean SIMPLE.

Source: We Heart It
Clothing and Accessories

Put a Little Goth On It... (Some basic customisation tips to get you started.)

Embroidered Gloves

Lace and Ribbon Choker/Headdress

Punk Goth or Deathrock Jacket

T-Shirt Makeover - Slash'n'Burn

Beaded Mini Crown

Customised Suitcase

T-Shirt Makeover - Cut'n'Paste

Hair, Make-Up and Beauty

Big Goth Hair

Peace, Love and Victory Rolls

Murderous Manicure

Deadly Red Make-Up Tutorial

Perfect Foundation

Skin Care and Pale Skin Recipes

More Natural Skincare

Dramatic Eyebrows, Part One

Dramatic Eyebrows, Part Two

Make-Up: From Corporate To Creepy in Five Mins

Two Video Make-Up Tutorials for Guys

My Everyday Make-Up

Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

Home Decor and Gardening

Painted Pots

Velvet or Lace False Walls (by Dalestair Zodiac)

Food and Drink

Chocolate Spiderweb Muffins

Bento For Goths

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