If you're new to the world of dark culture, a large part of what attracted you was likely to be the fashion. Check out the handy links below (never say I'm not helpful!) to find out more about the huge variety of styles and types of dark alternative fashion fashion.

The Colour Scheme


Basic Wardrobe

Developing Your Own Goth Look

Goth Don'ts

Goth Footwear

An Overview of Goth Fashion for Gentlemen

Oh, and the Goth 'look' of course consists of more than just clothes and accessories - there's your hair and make-up to consider as well.

Goth Make-Up - Where to Begin?

Your Handy Guide To Scary Hair

Now, there is a lot more to dark fashion than simply bunging on some black clothes and paleface make-up. No, really. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of sub-genres and styles of Goth and dark alternative fashion, all of which draw from different inspirations, are affiliated with different types of dark music, and some of which even have a unique club scene within the already-thriving world of Goth/alt festivals, events and nightlife.

Below are links to posts describing and illustrating many of these different styles and subsets. Please note that this is not, and never will be, an exhaustive list because each person is individual and will have their own unique take on this style.

Notes on Goth fashion style posts


Punk Goth


Fetish Goth

Corporate Goth




Vampire Goth

Victorian Goth

Ice Goth

Neo-Victorian Goth

Dark Fairy Goth

Burlesque Goth

Glitter Goth

Hippie Goth

Oriental Goth

Post-punk Goth

Femme Fatale

Military Goth

Babydoll Goth

Tribal Goth

Medieval Goth

Egyptian Goth

Cemetery Goth


High Gothic

Industrial Goth

Geek Goth

Haute Gothic

Electric Goth

Celtic and Pagan Goth

Casual Goth

Candy Goth

Steampunk Goth

Vintage Goth

Ghost Goth

Carnival Goth

Grunge Goth

Gore Goth

Dark fashion is otherworldly, creative, elegant, quirky, spooky, and ever-changing to reflect the lifestyles, attitudes and aesthetic preferences of those who wear it.

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