Toxic Tears
Arguably the most essential aspect of dark culture is its music... from traditional Goth rock to related genres such as Industrial and a whole spectrum in between. Many followers of Goth enjoy music from other genres, usually 'dark' genres such as alternative rock and metal, or genres such as classical and world music. (However, brief note: metal is not Goth, mainstream rock is not Goth. It so happens that some - but not all - Goths like music from these genres as well.)

For those new to dark culture, I always recommend beginning with the music and working from there. If you don't like any of this music at all (although I would be surprised by this, as there are dozens and dozens of genres and sub-genres to peruse) there is probably not much point in becoming involved with Goth culture specifically, as the social events on the Goth calendar tend to revolve around music - and in general, so does the entire subculture. (However, don't feel that dark fashion is off-limits to you; just bear in mind that the 'Goth' term may not apply as Goth is a music-based subculture.)

If you thought that Goth music included such bands as My Chemical Romance, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Evanescence or Cradle of Filth, or are new to the subculture in general, I'd recommend checking out the following links:

Goth Music For Dummies

Getting Into Goth Music

So You Don't Like Bauhaus?

I have also been compiling a comprehensive guide to the over-complicated world of Goth-friendly and dark music - please check out the links below if you're interested in learning more about the myriad genres of music enjoyed by and associated with Goths and other dark culture enthusiasts.

#1: Goth Rock, Post-Punk, Batcave, New Wave and Darkwave

#2: Punk, Protopunk, Riot Grrl, Emo and Horror Punk

#3: Deathrock, Gothabilly, Psychobilly, Dark Cabaret and New Romantic

#4: 'Dark Pop', Synthpop, Dream Pop, Shoegaze and Noise Pop

#5: Coldwave, Ethereal Wave, Dark Ambient, Ambient Industrial and Neue Deutsche Welle

#6: Industrial, Industrial Rock, Industrial Metal, Industrial 'Hybrids' and EBM

#7: Noise, Experimental, Electro-Industrial, Dark Electro and Aggrotech

#8: Power Electronics, Death Industrial, Powernoise, Witch House and Neofolk

#9: Futurepop, Martial Industrial, Dark Trance/Neo-Goth, Electro-Punk, Alien Pop and Violindustrial

#10: Steampunk, Sepiachord, Gloom Pop, Chamber Pop and Cello Rock

#11: Neoclassical Darkwave, Medieval, Celtic, World and Classical

#12: Trip Hop, New Age, Tribal Fusion, Pagan Rock and Mittelalter

#13: Metal genres Goths like, including Black, Doom, Symphonic, Gothic, Operatic, Progressive, Thrash and Death Metal

#14: Love Metal, Industrial Black Metal, Cyber Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, Goth'n'Roll

#15: Visual Kei, J-Rock, J-Pop, Rock (more specifically, the dark-themed rock bands which attracted many young Goths to the scene), Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk

#16: Grunge, Glam, Sleaze, Acid Rock and Indie Rock

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